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About Malvern Community Forest


Our Objects are:

1. To establish, maintain and use woodland and other environmental assets for the educational, health and environmental benefit of the local and wider community.

2. To work in partnership with communities, charities and other agencies to increase the awareness, knowledge, appreciation and involvement of the general public with trees, woodland, other environmental assets and associated crafts and skills.


The Trustees are

Chair: Ken Timms
Vice-Chair: David Munday
Secretary: Currently vacant
Treasurer: Ian Caldwell
Maggie Jo St John
Linda Hirschhorn
Bob Tilley

Management Team

The management team is

Chair: Ken Timms
Vice-Chair: Bob Tilley
Treasurer: Ian Caldwell
Membership Coordinator: Linda Hirschhorn
PR and Events Secretary:  vacant
Townsend Project Coordinator: David Munday
Prospect Project Coordinator: Craig Hughes
Abundance Project Coordinators: Linda Hirschhorn and Maggie Jo St John
Website Coordinator: Ian Caldwell
Assets Coordinator: Paul Radnor

There are coordinating teams for each project.


Prospect View Medical Centre
Malvern Hills District Council
Malvern Hills Conservators
Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Malvern Theatres
Malvern Town Council
Reeves Design
Bradford's Building Supplies
Premier Inn
Western Power Distribution
NHS Forest
RAW group
Malvern Civic Society
London Midland Community Rail

For our constitution, procedures and other documents see Documents.