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Abundance Malvern is a part of Malvern Community Forest.

We collect and distribute crops of garden fruit that would go to waste because the owners cannot harvest or use it all themselves. In 2016 we mostly harvested apples; there were some pears, plums, and damsons.

We donate the fruit to:

  • organisations that support people who will benefit from a supply of free fruit.
  • individuals for their own use
  • other community organisations with similar aims to Abundance Malvern.

If there is sufficient abundance, we may preserve some or give it to those who can or make juice / cider.

How you can be involved

  • Ask Abundance Malvern to pick your fruit: Please contact us now so that we can visit, learn about what you can offer and, if you're interested, help with maintenance of your trees.
  • Attend our social events: We are about community and celebrate the joy of collecting and redistributing abundance. Select  here for our events.
  • In September and October volunteer to harvest and distribute fruit.
  • Share expertise in identification, care and maintenance of trees.
  • Join our work group and help Abundance Malvern develop and grow.

If you would like to be involved please contact us or email

select here for all dates of our fruit picking volunteer days

No Abundance Fruit Picking is currently planned

History of Abundance

Abundance Malvern started around 2010 when it was realized the amount of fruit from people’s gardens that went to waste every year because they were unable to pick it or there was too much of it to use themselves.  This started as part of Transition Malvern’s Food Group and later became part of Malvern Community Forest.   This started in a very small way with just a few volunteers and has gradually become more organised as more people have got involved.  We have purchased equipment such as a ladder, crates and picking bags to help us pick and store the fruit and donated fruit to more local organisations such as the Food Bank and the Octagon.  Dealing with such a large quantity of fruit in a short space of time has always been a challenge and as a result these past few years we have taken large quantities to Clive’s Fruit Farm to be juiced and bottled.  These bottles of apple juice are available at cost price while stocks last.