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The majority of the work done by Malvern Community Forest is done in our projects. Each project has a coordinating team to steer the project.

We currently have the following projects:

Townsend Community Woodland: It’s a long, narrow woodland that runs along Townsend Way from Newland to Mayfield Road. We work with The Malvern Hills Trust to create and maintain this woodland.

Prospect Community Woodland: Right in the heart of Malvern, on Pickersleigh Road. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers this is being developed into a wonderful community resource.

Abundance : We love fruit! And we hate seeing it go to waste. So, every autumn we pick fruit that would otherwise just fall to the ground and rot.

Malvern Link Station, This project is led by Malvern Community Forest in partnership with London Midland and the Friends of Malvern Railway Stations.  The aim of the project is to develop woodland, hedgerow, bumblebee/pollinator, and tree-fruit areas as mini-nature reserves and community environmental resources.  The project was launched on the 3rd May 2017.