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Malvern Community Forest

Malvern Community Forest (MCF) is a volunteer organisation creating and managing woodland areas for the enjoyment and benefit of local residents and the environment.
We are people who believe that trees matter: spending time with trees can reduce stress, increase creativity, improve mental and physical health – and just be fun.


You can:

As of 2017, we have five  projects:

Our two new exciting projects are:

Malvern Link Station, this is a brand new project led by Malvern Community Forest in partnership with London Midland and the Friends of Malvern Railway Stations.  The aim of the project is to develop woodland, hedgerow, bumblebee/pollinator, and tree-fruit areas as mini-nature reserves and community environmental resources.  The project was launched on the 3rd May 2017.

Map the Conkers of Malvern, Malvern Community Forest is asking people to help map the conker (horse chestnut) trees of Malvern and the surrounding countryside.

Ths are in addition to our existing projects.

Prospect Community woodlandwhere we have planted trees and are creating a space for relaxation, gentle exercise and events.
Townsend Community woodlandwith several public footpaths, and where we are establishing a tree identification trail.
Abundance Malvernthrough which volunteers harvest fruit, and any other surplus produce, and then distribute to those who can use it.