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Malvern Community Forest

Malvern Community Forest (MCF) is a small but active volunteer organisation that invites communities, groups and individuals to be involved in creating and managing woodlands, hedgerows, orchards and meadows for the enjoyment and benefit of local residents, wildlife and the wider environment. We are developing and passing on the manual skills and crafts associated with these habitats and their products.

We are people who believe that trees matter: spending time with trees can reduce stress, increase creativity, improve mental and physical health – and just be fun.


You can:

As of 2018, we have five  projects:

Our two new exciting projects are:

Cuillin’s Wood, we are working with the owner of a small, privately-owned woodland on the eastern slopes of the Malvern Hills to provide fun woodland activities for families with children from 3 to 13. Check our calendar for our open days.

Malvern Link Station, is a project led by Malvern Community Forest in partnership with West Midland Trains and the Friends of Malvern Railway Stations. The aim of the project is to develop woodland, hedgerow, bumblebee/pollinator, and tree-fruit areas as mini-nature reserves and community environmental resources. The project was launched on the 3rd May 2017, and continues to develop.

These are in addition to our more established projects.

Prospect Community woodland, is a small secondary urban woodland with an open glade area, where we are planting trees, establishing hedges and a meadow to create a space for relaxation and gentle exercise, as well as wildlife habitats. We are now building resources for community involvement in tree-planting and woodland crafts.

Townsend Community woodland,is woodland we manage in partnership with the owners, the Malvern Hills Trust. It is accessed by several public footpaths leading to the mile-long central walk through the wood. MCF has established a tree identification trail, brought an old coppiced area back into management, and set up an outdoor green woodworking area. We are planning to bring a number of osiers back into production to provide willow for weaving.

Abundance Malvernprovides equipment and organises volunteers to harvest fruit from trees that are providing more than their owners can manage – as well as any other surplus produce - and then distributes the harvest to those who can use it. Some years, bumper crops are turned into apple juice for sale on a pre-ordered basis, at cost plus a small donation to Abundance to continue their work.